What "They" Say

  • FANTASTIC job on our jingle! Recently, our install manager just came back from a 3 day seminar and class that many of our competitors took part in as well. Our jingle was stuck in his head, and by the end of the day he had several other people (including competitors) singing it too! It has such a great hook and sounds GREAT on the radio! I am sure you will be getting calls from our competition soon. Thanks again!
    – Carla Kaminga
    Hendrix Heating and Air
    Corvallis, OR
  • Creative Radio produced just an awesome jingle for us. We get constant feedback from customers, friends, and family, it’s really been quite appealing. The process was painless, easy, and very professional, and I believe our business has had a significant increase based on previous summer months. All in all I think it’s been a great success.
    – Jeff May
    Southwest Plumbing
    Thousand Palms, CA
  • Just want to thank you for producing our fantastic jingle package (based on Michigan's Positive Hits)! We receive numerous compliments from listeners and from other radio station owners/managers! It's always exciting when we host a concert event and hear numerous people singing our jingles in the lobby! THANK YOU & GOD BLESS! JOE BURKE - LIFT FM RADIO NETWORK
  • I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the jingle that you wrote for our business, Kelm & Reuter, P.A. The jingle has been playing on various radio stations throughout our market area and we have received a fantastic response. It is very common for individuals to come up to different attorneys from our office and start singing the jingle or humming or whistling the jingle. It has had a dramatic effect in helping our business and everyone at Kelm & Reuter would like to thank you for your assistance in writing the jingle. It truly has helped our business.
    – Todd A. Kelm
    Kelm & Reuter, P.A.
    Sauk Rapids, MN
  • The jingle has been a great success for us. The feedback from our customers and local community has been excellent. We’ve been running the jingle regularly, and I have to admit in a down economy thanks to our jingle we have actually seen our sales increase. Creative Radio and their crew did a excellent job, I would highly recommend them!
    – Scott Peterson
    Classic Auto Collision
    Escanaba, MI
  • I purchased my jingle from Creative Radio more than 10 years ago and we’ve used it consistently through all of our radio advertising and has helped us with our name brand awareness. Once in awhile we have people shout out our jingle while driving by in one of our trucks. I know that it has brought our company to a new level. Creative Radio has it “dialed in”, our input and working with your team is one of the reasons it’s lasted so long!
    – Marcus Benoit
    Steamatic Cleaning and Restoration
    Fargo and Grand Forks, ND

NTR Jingle Packages for Radio Stations

These buyout packages are a great way to add new revenue to your station's billing. They are designed to be as "plug-and-play" as possible for your production department, and easy to sell for your sales force.

Listen to the Demos

Rediscover Downtown DEMO.mp3

Rediscover Downtown Shopping from Creative Radio is here! This money making package is an easy sell to your local downtown councils, down town associations or create your own station promotion with a downtown business of the week! This package comes with 7 cuts , customizable for your city and at 299.00 buyout is yours to use year after year!

Download this Demo

Class of 2019 Senior Salute Demo

If you're familiar with the Creative Radio “Senior Salute,” then you know just how easy it is to make money with this package. This is our fastest selling and most frequently renewed seasonal revenue builder. Your master CD contains two musical styles of the “Senior Salute” jingle, both with eight 30 second & 60 second cuts that includes donuts, weaves, sing opens & closes, each allowing plenty of room for sponsorship tag.

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Shop Small Business for Christmas

Farm & Ag Expo Jingle Package

The Farm and Ag Expo Jingle package from Creative Radio is here! This package is perfect for markets that are looking for consistency when promoting your local Farm and Ag Expo! This 7 cut package comes either as a generic or we can custom sing this package to your stations specific event! With plenty of room for ad copy plus sponsor mentions for your event this package is an easy sell to get vendors spending money with you!

Download this Demo

Helping Business Grow, Advertise With Radio!

"Helping Business Grow, Advertise With Radio" is the latest jingle package from Creative Radio and it is absolutely free! Yes, I said free! This package is designed to promote station sales staffs, overall invitations to advertise with your radio stations, and have a perfect template to use for testimonials for your clients telling everyone in your market why they should choose your radio stations to advertise on! Market exclusive on a first come first serve basis!

Download this Demo

Custom Fair & Festivals

If you have a fair or festival you're part of every year, this package is great for sales, promotion and "live remotes" from the event. Market exclusive and yours to use year after year.

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The Best Time of Year!

(NEW for 2014)The Best Time of Year to keep local dollars here from Creative Radio is yet another option in creating a memorable holiday shopping campaign for your market! This 7 cut custom sung package allows you to create a fantastic station campaign allowing local businesses to be a part of keeping local holiday shopping dollars in your town!

Download this Demo

Stuff Your Stockings!

(NEW for 2014) Stuff Your Stockings from Creative Radio is perfect for reminding your listeners to shop local for the Holiday Season! This 7 cut package is custom sung with your market right in the jingle! It can be used to promote several different local holiday shopping businesses in your area or can easily be used as a holiday shopping campaign for your Local Chamber of Commerce!

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Back to School Shop Local

When it comes to back to school shopping keeping those dollars local is important. BACK TO SCHOOL SHOP LOCAL IS COOL is a great jingle package to create a shop local campaign. Seven :30 and :60 second versions of the jingle package are included. Plus when you get this package you also get our LOOK OUT THE KIDS ARE BACK TO SCHOOL package that helps re-inforce driving safer when school starts up again for the year. Take a listen to BACK TO SCHOOL SHOP LOCAL IS COOL and LOOK OUT THE KIDS ARE BACK TO SCHOOL.

Download this Demo

Be Smart, Buy Local

Your advertisers will want to be part of this “shop local” campaign. Keep those dollars circulating with “Be Smart, Buy Local.”

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The Spirit of America

Memorial Day, Flag Day, & the 4th of July are all on the way, and the inspiring sung jingle package is great for these patriotic times of the year.

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American Farmer, American Pride

This jingle package wraps around ten heartfelt scripts that draw attention to how hard the farmer and their families work to provide us with nature's bounty every day. Traditional and non-traditional advertisers will want to join your station in saluting the American farmer and recognizing them for their efforts.

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The Child Believes

You can sell this warm and fuzzy “tug at the heart strings” money maker to many accounts in your market. The Child Believes includes a collection of 10 “Letters to Santa” read by children with a view of Christmas and the holiday season as seen through their eyes. These voiced letters are set in a :60 second wrap-around music bed with a :20 - :35 second open for a sponsor tag or tags. It also includes a :60 second cut where the first :30 seconds is the beautifully sung “The Child Believes” theme with :25 seconds open for sponsor tag. Hurry……this is a market exclusive product being offered in select markets on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Download this Demo

Shop Local for the Holidays

Custom sung with YOUR CITY NAME, The Shop Local For The Holidays jingle package from Creative Radio will help your station show community pride, and boost non traditional revenue as well as local sales revenue. This is a great campaign for highlighting local businesses, area chambers of commerce, and boost growth in your community keeping local dollars spent at local businesses during Christmas and the holidays. This jingle package comes with 12 broadcast ready testimonials, along with the beds for you to create your own year after year.

Download this Demo


Our Town

This heartfelt :30 song and wrap around jingle package is a heartfelt NTR money-maker designed to address local buinesses and downtown areas, civic events and morale. Listen to the demo and sign up for this market exclusive jingle that shows pride in your town.

Download this Demo

Bring the Holidays Home

Custom sung with YOUR CITY NAME, Bring the holidays home jingle package from Creative Radio will help your station show community pride, and boost non traditional revenue as well as local sales revenue. This is a great campaign for highlighting local businesses, area chambers of commerce, and boost growth in your community keeping local dollars spent at local businesses during Christmas and the holidays.

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Our Hometown Heroes

This jingle will help your station show community pride and boost NTR. This is a great campaign for highlighting local heroes i.e; a returning soldier, fireman, policeman, etc. It can also be used for a group of local heroes i.e; Boy Scouts of America, Lions Club, etc. We can also customize this jingle with your call letters or a business name for an additional $100.00. This market-exclusive. First come-first serve.

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Bring Christmas Home

Sell either one of these campaigns to a single business, local merchants group, mall, or downtown association. We’ll custom sing the business, group, or associations name to the jingle. Have it custom sung with your city or local area name and create a real hometown shopping campaign. This is a four cut jingle package you can generate additional holiday dollar$ with. Which ever one you choose these are market exclusive and yours to use year after year.

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Custom Home Team Radio Sports ID

This is a must have jingle package if your station is involved in local sports. Whether it's bumper identification in and out of commercial breaks during play by play, or just station promotion reinforcing your involvement in local sports. It's market exclusive with plenty of cuts to choose from to fit your sales and programming efforts.

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