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Hi, I am Sam Anderson from a company called creative radio jingles. And if you are reading this, that means you absolutely will find a solution to your radio jingle needs right here with us.

The power of jingles:

  • Jingles Work! (You know it, otherwise you wouldn't be here.)
  • Jingle combined with frequent radio spots boosts top of mind awareness.
  • Jingles make you a recognized name brand locally, but also accelerate your branding.


Why A Creative Radio Jingle?

Well research has shown that music is the most effective means of communication along all promotional forms. Why? Because music has emotion. It can convey a full spectrum of feelings about your business and give a very positive image in regards to the business that you own and operate.


How does my business benefit from having a jingle?

A jingle is your consistancy in your marketing and advertising, it is something that is always there. When they hear the first few notes of your jingle, they know that they are being set up for a message from your small business.

  • Jingles create consistancy.
  • Jingles show establishment and validate a brand.
  • Jingles demand immediate attention.
  • Jingles prepare the mind of the audience to receive your message.


Who is Creative Radio?

Creative Radio is based out of Saint Cloud, MN. Creative Radio is nationally recognized as an industry leader serving national radio markets across the United States. Our staff consists of branding experts, copywriters, voiceover talents, musical artists, each with an average work experience in the advertising industry of over 25 plus years. And we would be excited to pass on our knowledge to you and help your small business gain top of mind awareness, and again, become a name brand locally.


What next?

Call or Connect with a Creative Radio expert right now. Someone is On-Air and standing by to take your call. On that call, we will be so excited to pass on more of our knowledge, and find out more about your small business. Thank you for taking the time to hear from us, and we cannot wait to hear from you.

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Helping business grow, advertise with radio.

Creative Radio helps businesses or institutions (just like yours) set themselves apart from all the other noise out there called advertising; assisting in making the dollars you spend in advertising work harder for you. Custom music, rhythm, and rhyme along with understanding how to make it work best for you is the key.